Suite 101, 1220 West Market Street
Wilmington, Delaware  U.S.A. 19901
Tel: 1-302-123-7777

5 star service at yard sale prices
Serving Central FL since 2008
The Laptop Shop
Our most popular service. 
We save all your stuff, nuke
the hard drive, reload
everything that's supposed
to be on there back on it
along with your data.
We deal with viruses, slow
computers, broken jacks,
replacement parts,
connection issues, software
get the idea.
Welcome to The Laptop Shop!

We are a laid-back company dedicated to focusing on the finer things in life.  You know, the things that
money can't buy.  Your support of our business supports our family.  It pays our bills, and feeds our teenage
boys.  Our prices are the lowest in the area, of any reputable business, and our track record of 13,000
computers repaired between 2008 and 2014 seems like a pretty good testimony to that.

We aren't striving for riches.  We want to survive, and to help others not overpay for the services they
need.  Life is a short journey, best enjoyed when helping others.
Broken Desktop?  No problem.
Misbehaving Laptop?  No
Misbehaving children?  Well, we
can't fix that but we DO give
away free books for kids.  That's
a start, right?
3236 Dundee Road, Winter Haven
We don't charge a dime to tell you what's wrong with it.  Never have, never will
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